Shooting at Flats 140

At around 1:30 am on Sunday, July 12, shots were fired on the sixth floor of the Flats 140 building.

Conflicting stories regarding the cause of the shooting have emerged, but it seems clear that residents of the sixth floor previously made numerous complaints to Bozzuto management regarding the occupants of the unit and the constant flow of disruptive guests visiting at all hours.

As of this writing, the case appears unresolved. Security guards have been posted in the lobby of Flats 140 and on the sixth floor. A tenant’s association meeting was held on Wednesday, July 15. Representatives from Bozzuto failed to attend.

This thread exists for residents to share updates and information about the incident. Please use the comments below.


Report from July 15 Tenants Association Meeting

Good afternoon all residents:

I wanted to update you all on a summary the meeting and topics last night from the Tenants Association Meeting that occurred on July 15, 2015 at 7 pm.

We had a very large turnout and I wanted to personally apologize to those of you were unable to hear clearly or understand everything that was being spoken about. We will ensure in the future that we try and space out the area more efficiently so that you all have an opportunity to participate and understand clearly.

The Board called the meeting to order and we discussed the following items:

1. First the incident in the building that occurred on Sunday. Several board members were able to attend the Public Safety Meeting on Tuesday and spoke with the Metropolitan Police Commander for our area. We were informed that the “incident was isolated and that it appears to have been a targeted incident.” That is a direct quote. We were not given much further information that at this time since it is an ongoing open investigation.

2. The robbery on the Metropolitan Trial had a photo circulating and the two suspects had been apprehended by Tuesday mid-day. Regarding the trial, the NOMA Bid advised that in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Department that they would be making some changes to make the trial areas more identifiable if you do need to call for assistance. As more information becomes available to us on this matter we will certainly update you all.

3. Metro PD are increasing their patrols in our neighborhood since we have such an influx of residents as well as the recent increase in crimes in the neighborhood.

4. NOMA Bid wanted to make us all aware that they offer an Escort Service throughout the neighborhood from the hours of 4 pm to 9 pm, seven days a week. If you would like to request an escort please call 202-997-6469 at least 15 minutes prior to your needing the escort.

5. The Board is arranging an overall safety meeting for personal safety to be conducted by the Metro PD. We are currently scheduling this and update you all once the dates and times are established.

6. The Board is currently working on creating a website for you all to receive the newsletters, sign up as a new member and other information. Again, we will let you all know as soon as it is complete with instructions on how to access the page.

7. Please also remember as always to regard your personal safety throughout the city. If you have an emergency remember to call 911 and if it is not a direct emergency you can contact 311.

We had many residents who expressed their concerns regarding many aspects of the building. The majority of these regarded the overall safety of the building, including multiple different areas of concern.

Several members of the Board were able to meet directly with several of the management team today. We have conveyed to them the concerns expressed last night and as we understand it there will be some communications from them soon.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns as always to us. We appreciate everyone’s participation and attending the meeting.

Christopher Burleigh