Shooting at Flats 140

At around 1:30 am on Sunday, July 12, shots were fired on the sixth floor of the Flats 140 building.

Conflicting stories regarding the cause of the shooting have emerged, but it seems clear that residents of the sixth floor previously made numerous complaints to Bozzuto management regarding the occupants of the unit and the constant flow of disruptive guests visiting at all hours.

As of this writing, the case appears unresolved. Security guards have been posted in the lobby of Flats 140 and on the sixth floor. A tenant’s association meeting was held on Wednesday, July 15. Representatives from Bozzuto failed to attend.

This thread exists for residents to share updates and information about the incident. Please use the comments below.


  • sammy

    Posting a few Yelp reviews in case they get SUPPRESSED by Flats 130 management

    Unfortunately a few reviews have already been taken down for no apparent reason, so I don’t have their text

    In chronological order, from what’s left.

    9 reviews, averaging about 1.5 out of 5 stars!

    • sammy

      Holy shit they suppressed another review! Josh J’s review has been bounced.

  • Suzanne Renz

    If anyone in Flats 140 wants to move over to 130, I am moving out of #229 as soon as I find someone to take over the lease. It’s a 1 BR on the Zen Courtyard with a huge patio and amazing view of the waterfall. Peaceful, quiet, and great neighbors.